Friday, July 23

fifth follower(including me)!

Well, I have another follower and I don't know how normal people feel about followers, but I get this big old freak-smile plasterd on my face when I see the number go up. Do you? Am I alone here? I don't know, but I hope to accumulate some more followers. I guess I haven't been on blogger that long or anything, so five is pretty good. Even if one of them is me...:) Anyways, I thought in honor of yet another follower I thought I'd do something special and have an a whole new slot of photos! hahahaha, okay so maybe it's more for my ocd then for my followers.....but I have some really cute ones!(: Do you guys like the pictures? yes or no? comment!...or not:) So, on to the pictures!

My prediction: I'm going to become even more photography obsessed untill finally something inside me breaks and I am there-after anti-photos. Not at parties, not at get-togethers, not at concerts...I will refuse to have my picture taken and if I feel as if I'm one of those random background people who are wondering around oblivious in people's photos, I'll go all spazo. Pictures will revolt me.
Just sayen.


  1. i LOVE getting new followers on my blog. it's such a great feeling. it feels like there's people that CARE what you have to say, you know?! it's amazing. probably one of the best feelings in the world.

  2. Haha no, I do the exact same thing! And don't feel at all disheartened by what may seem like a small number of followers, because at least those are 4 other people that stumbled across your blog, right? ;) And those blogs that are so intimidating with the followers in the upper hundreds - they had only 5 followers at one point, too.

    And now... you'll have 6 followers!! :]

    <3 Laura

  3. i'm all the way up to 52, and each time i get that goofy smile and just want to jump up and down and happydance! congratulations on that extra follower! :)


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