Tuesday, July 27

hype for tomorrow

Well, finally after about a week and a half of doing pretty much nothing, I'm actually getting out of the house and doing something. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love lazy days and feel they are a good contrast sometimes. you can collect your thoughts and write things down and pretty much do whatever you feel like. whether it's watch the whole three hours of Titanic, or surfing the web untill your eyes burn, or going on a bike ride all by yourself. but when those days turn into a week and more, it gets pretty old. and it makes me anxious for something to happen.

Tomorrow me and my family are picking up my friend becca and her sister issabella and going to a theme park. it's going to be really fun riding rollar coasters and looking at cheap trinqets and walking around pointing out cute guys and the likes of that. i'm really excited and am planning on charging up my camera and snapping tons of pics. hopefully some cool ones, considering my obession with photography as of late.

Maybe i'll even post some here although that's probably not going to happen. besides, my camera card does not work with this computer for some stupid reason. it aggrivates me because i like editing pics and changing my profile picture for stuff to something more recent, ya know? ugh...

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