Monday, July 26


I have always wanted to be a writer. even when i was little i would sit down and write a story, complete with pictures that illustrated what was happening in my book. i remember getting a tall glass of icewater, a stack of clean paper in front of me, and my supplies all within reach. i was trying to act like a real, classy writer. it just came naturaly to me.

of course, i was always singing and dancing as well. i'd go in my room or in the basement and play my old cds and just dance and sing. me and my best friend at the time had even started a group called Revival Desitiny. there were four members in the band. let's just say that things never worked out for us...:)

and then there's my tendency to over-dramatize things. i'm an actress, you see, who likes to make people laugh and to use big words and hand motions :) even though i've been on a stage a ton of my life, i still never get used to the stage fright...which happens to me. a lot.

i love blogging, i love writing in my journal, i love tweeting! one tree hill and gilmore girls are my soaps and diet products are my weakness (i am trying to break free, though mind you. i'm trying to go a week without). recently i've discoverd that i love photography (as you all have noticed haha) and fashion is amazing. i love clothes! << so as you can see, i'm very complex. i don't think anybody loves just one certain thing. and who says you have to? :)


  1. you remind me of myself. i, too, have always been a writer, a singer, a dancer, a performer. hey, the best people are :)

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