Sunday, July 25

I'm a rambler. Oh, dear...

Church went fairly well. Mr. Gorgious did not, however, utter a single syallble in my direction. Yeah, that kind of stunk and I was a little bit disipointed, but I'll survive. My life does not revolve around one boy who looks cute in gray(: And if he gets a girlfriend for the school year (which would stiiiiink, not gonna lie) I will just have to accept that fact. If we are ment to be for the long haul then we will be together eventually. No sense trying to make it work now if it's not ment to work, right? << and at this time in my life I feel like I shouldn't be so focused on guys. I mean, don't get me wrong...they're pretty amazing! and I don't think you'll ever get me to stop watching romantic dramas/comedys because those are the best! But I also think that it'd also be nice to focus on school and friends and family and fun and God and not be so dependent on relationships and boyfriends and all that drama. You know what I mean? It seems like everybody is pairing up. It seems like everybody is "in a relationship". Which, some relationships are great, others not-so-much. I dunno, just a thought. What do you guys think?

On another note, I am pretty much in love with all things diet. I know they aren't sopose to be good for you and that they kill rats and all that hype, but I honestly am obsessive (see? OCD. I'm telling you what.) with diet coke/pepsi and diet moutain dew. I should probably stop. That's the first step to recovery, right? Admittence that you have a problem :)

Another thing, I really should have more of a direction when I submit a blog entree. Like have a certain topic that I'm talking about...I think that works out better and that it's more fun to read. Otherwise, it is seriously just a bunch of rambling. And rambling is not so fun to read. But yet, this blog entree is, like, dedicated to rambling. Oh, wow. I'm physcotic :/

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  1. Rambling blog posts are the best kind. ;)

    And you got that right about the guys. Yeah, they're pretty cool. But so much trouble when you're young! I spent all of last year, my first year at college, trying to make things work with this one guy, and it really hurt my friendships and grades. I'm a firm believer in the theory that love comes when you're not looking for it. :]



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