Wednesday, July 28

the three amigos

I know he died, like, a really long time ago and in actuallity I know nothing about him, but I just think this man in the picture below is so handsome. I mean really, he's so hot! And there are these two actors that I personaly think look a LOT like him. Let's compare shall we?

        >> The oh-so-studly James Dean <<          >> Nicholas Purcell from The Troop <<
     >> James Franco(SpiderMan movies) <<

 I don't know about you, but I'm seeing some similaritys...huh?huh? Am  I going insain? aAm I going mad? Or am I spot on about my observation??<< Comment!(:                                                 


  1. i'm definitely seeing it! ooh.... james franco... that man is FIINE.


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