Wednesday, August 4


Hey there, long time no see my friends :) I wanted to sit down here and write an interesting blog entree, one to inspire lots of comments and maybe make you think about your up and coming school year. Because, even if you don't want to think about, is coming up (or already has came) rather quickly. I have a plan, loves :) I have a feeling if I push forth a little extra effort, my freshman year could be really and truly great. Amazing even. Something I will look back on when I'm at college or at a job or with my new husband and smile because of the memories and the stuff I did.

A little while back, near the beginning of summer, I made this list. It was a list compiled of the goals that I had for my freshman year. I had the summer and then the following school year to complete them. They are rather realistic goals, but some will require me to maybe move a little bit from my comfy space, take a deep breath, and then go for it.

The list looks something like this:

join something new: I'm thinking of taking our county's soccer even though I've never actually played on a team before. I have big feet so I'm thinking they should be put to good use(: Plus, I think it'd be fun to (1. be on an actual sports team, (2. make some new friends, and (3. do something where I know nobody and that's separate from my usual group of people; there's also the possibility of guitar lessons, which would be new for me. Maybe I'll do both. I like a busy schedule. A lot on my plate.

get all A's and B's: The work that we do in these four years actually counts for something now. I think it'd be quite an accomplishment to look back on this year and see all A's and B's. With a little extra effort, some concentration, studying, and determination, I have a feeling that I'll be able to do fairly well this year in school!

say SOMETHING to Mr. Gorgeous: I am happy to report that I've already completed this goal (however surprising it was!).

throw a party: Here's what I am considering: who's to say I can't invite a few people over on Halloween or the day before Halloween and watch a scary movie? Maybe Alyssa, Micaela, Carly, and Brenna? That seems like a good bunch. Nobody really despises each other and I think they all get along, right? I'm thinking that would be a fun, simple, and harmless idea if you ask me.

Say 'I love you' in a different language: I'm not sure the point of this goal, but it's there anyhow and so I'm not going to delete it!

get closer to Ally, Aj, and Alyssa: Basically what I'm going to have to do with this one is just go out of my way to be nice to them; inviting Alyssa to that party thing might just be a step in the right direction; and talk with them. Say hi when I see them at church; be genuine; and put away my mute facade that I sometimes put on.

go to at least one FOC Sunday service: This was just a church I wanted to attend, but was a little scared to.

learn to sew: My mom loves to craft and knows how to sew. I'm thinking it wouldn't be so overwhelming if she could just teach me for maybe fifteen minutes every weekday after school or something. I think that if I learn now it'll help me in the long run. 

learn to play guitar: I know several people that know how to play this instrument and so whether I ask a friend or pay for actual lessons, I want to pick up this hobby. I'm a singer/songwriter and the piano can only can so far for me. It's just something I want to learn :)

decorate walls: Recently I've repainted my room and now it's this really pretty cream shade. However the walls are terribly bare. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with it, maybe some pictures or wall art.

Well, that was my list! If you guys have any goals for this upcoming year, comment because I'd love to know what they are!! Got any advice or inspiration or words of incouragment? Comment with those too :)


  1. This is a good idea.
    And about the guitar thing - me too! It was supposed to be one of my summer goals, but so far I can only play fool around on it. I know a few chords, but who knows what they actually are. ;) I sure don't!

    And congrats on #3. ;) Those are always the hardest...


  2. Haha yeah guitar was a lot harder then I thought(: My friend made an attempt at teaching me, but I just was not getting it haha.

    Thanks :) yeah, those are the hardest!


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