Monday, August 23

New Segment!

A few before noon

(1. Liv: Even though we don't talk much anymore and even though the last time we did something together was years ago; even though it's awkward every wednesday and even though I messed things up (and you've forgiven me), I still like to consider you my best friend. I believe a best friend isn't someone who you see every weekend or who makes you laugh untill you cry. A best friend is someone who has affected your life is some way. Who's become more like family. Well, you've been that and more. So even though I don't have your cell number and just because I wouldn't call you a friend, your still my best friend. And always will be :)

(2. Facebook: Yes, even I have caved to it's temptation. The temptation of friend requests and status updates and being tagged into photos....For awhile there I was pretty pooped-out with blogger. I mean, I had posted more then once and day and checked many times for new blog posts or comments. Then, I got facebook and it was like Blogger was very useless. HOWEVER, today I have a renewed sense of thinking and have come to realize I love my blog and all my follower's blogs and facebook can't replace that!

(3. Justin Bieber: I'm not one of those crazy, screaming fans that you see screaming for his attention and waving their arms in the air like mad people (although that would probably be if I were ever to see him in person...). But I just don't understand why people feel the need to bring him into everything? Even the professional comedians talk about him! It's like just because you mention Justin Bieber, it's instantly funny. Please explain this! If you don't like him, why do you bring him up seventy-thousand times?! 

(4. Photography: Speaking of Justin Bieber, I took this really cute pic last night of a little page I made in my diary. Well, at least I think it's cute. Also, note that I am NOT highly skilled in the art of picture-taking like Carlotta or Lucy or Le Happy, don't think I'm under the impression that I am :) Anyways, the photo:


Ack! I can't rotate it! << Ugh.

(5. Lucy: If you haven't been over to Lucy's blog lately (which you probably have) then you may not know about her fantastic idea to have a blog awards! It's really neat and the nominations are now in and you can go and vote! Plus, (drum roll please) yours truly has been nominated for "best header"! So, click the button I've installed into my blog and go vote! Vote now! Go! ;)

(6. Jonah: the lovely and studdly Jonah has gotten braces. I saw this on Friday when I went to the   
High School football game. At first, I was kind of upset about the whole idea, but then I realized a few things. (1. they aren't that bad, (2. his teeth will be so pretty once they're off, and (3. he's still Jonah! So, all-in-all, nothing has changed. His FEW inperfections make him perfect :) 

(7. Follow number eleven: I now have eleven followers! Yeah, it's not a whole lot but it's not bad for someone who started out with none, right? I really want to say thanks to Lucy who followed my blog first (after me and my friend). I think she started the whole chain and since she has lots of followers, people got onto mine....Thanks! :)


  1. thanks so much for all these cute little compliments!! :)


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