Wednesday, August 18


Isn't it funny how I feel more comfortable telling perfectly good strangers all my thoughts and secrets and feelings, more so then I do my own friends? My own peers? It's true. If somebody (some people more then others) I knew found my blog I'd die of embarrassment. Just a thought :)

I am extreemly tired right now. I'm not exactly sure what that is. Youth group was tonight and Jonah wasn't there. That was kinda of saddening, but I saw him yesterday so it's all good. The thing about youth group is...well, we'll save that for another time. There is so much I could tell you, but I digress. We will save that for another night, another entree, and another time. Then, I will go into detail about my problems :p Because, friends, as suprising as this sounds, my life doesn't completely revolve around Jonah Brooks :) Shocking, I know.

So now, without further adue(or however that's spelled) I will leave you with a video. You've all probably seen it, but I just wanted to post it because...well, because it's truly amazing :) Happy Wednesday!


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