Friday, August 13

A short trip threw time.

Two years ago, when I was twelve, I used to believe that me and Nick Jonas were destined. I had pages and pages written about the Jonas Brothers and how I wanted to be there for Nick after his big break up with Miley Cyrus. I thought that if he just got to know me, that we'd fall in love and I'd be his girlfriend. I would go to sleep with thoughts of Nick. I listened to their music like I was drinking water. I taped pictures of them into my diary. I seriously was disturbed. I mean, I know that everybody has celebrity crushes, but I was OBSESSED.

It seems funny to think that all of that was just two years ago. The summer of 2008. In that time, so much has changed and transpired. I feel so much older then I actually am. There are certain things that stand out to me. I have grown spiritually, mentally, and physically. I did things I never would have done in a million, trillion years. I lost friends and made friends. I turned thirteen. I turned fourteen. I learned how to spell actually. I met the Jonas Brothers. My best friend and my crush started dating. I met Jonah Brooks. I faced my fears. I preformed in three plays. I learned that people are not always how they seem (and sometimes they are).

But who I was two years ago, last year, and even in January I'm not anymore. I believe it's for the better. I think I'm more mature. I have changed in the best of ways and experienced things I will never forget. I'm thankfull for my past, content with my present, and overjoyed for the future.

Thanks, God :)


  1. Very nice :) I feel the same way! Sometimes growing up isn't so bad...

    I also had a gigantic crush in Nick two years ago! I was going to marry him, haha! Nope...

  2. Yeah, it's not so bad at all. It's different and sometimes scary when you think about the future, but most of the time it's great :)

    Haha I think everybody was going to marry at least one of them two years ago! That was like their prime time :)


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