Monday, August 9


Someday we're going to meet, Love.
Someday I'll be held in your arms.
Someday your going to make me smile.
You'll win me with your charm.
Someday we're going to change the world,
Just one kiss at a time.
I count the days of waiting,
'Till I get to call you mine.
Someday you'll give me flowers,
Someday I'll give you my heart.
I love you so much already,
                             Though we're a thousand worlds apart.
I love the way you say my name,
The way you look in my eyes.
Your handsome features draw me close,
Got me mesmorized.
Memories we'll have someday,
Are unknown to us now.
But I need you and you need me,
Someday, somewhere, somehow.
I love you.


  1. the more I read, the more I like you. :]

    did you write this?

  2. haha thanks, yeah i did at like one o'clock in the morning :)

  3. Wow... this is an awesome poem!!! :D *awed jealousy*


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