Saturday, August 7

Youth is...

- going to see 3D movies
- wearing your 3D glasses with the lences popped out into Lowes and pretending to be spies while shooting people with your invisible guns(:
- laying out in the sun at the city pool
- drinking blue rasberry spite
- playing the husband game....and taking it seriously:) 
- crushing on guys 
- walking around your neighborhood in the dark and yelling and singing
- spending your money on stuff you'll regret
- silly bandz
- rocking out to the radio in the car
- swimming
- talking about two completely different subjects unknowingly for long periods of time
- mr. gorgious(: everybody has one!

 Add to it!


  1. I love the "walking around your neighborhood in the dark and yelling and singing". Ha. Thought that was just me and my friends who did that... ;)

    don't forget being crazy in walmart! That's one of my favorites. I was asked to get out of a cart there once, "for my own safety"... hehehe.
    Basically being young is doing stupid but fun stuff, and being able to get away with it.
    booyah. :]


  2. Haha nope(: while wearing nerd glasses haha. Actually though, my friend told me to be quiet that people were

    Hahaha "for my own safety". Exactly, being young is about acting crazy and not acting...well, normal :)

  3. LOL I haven't done the popping-out-the-lenses-of-3D-glasses-to-make-nerd-glasses, mainly cuz I already have glasses. >XD


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