Wednesday, September 22

One in a million.

Never in a million years did I ever think that I would be here..but I'm here and so darn thankfull. I'm so blessed to have my family, my friends, and my life. I promise you Jesus, I'm trying to be one of Yours. I will not give up. My youth pastor is amazing, Terry Baldwin you are doing one good job with us. My family is great and so are my friends. I love being a Freshmen and I'm so excited for the rest of my life. I love smileing. I love dried fruit that's randomly been at youth group two weeks in a row. I love the people that I sit with, I love the people that I don't. Gabe Liby if you ever record a c.d I will buy it. Luke Huskins, you need to write a book or something because you crack me up. Jessie Baldwin, you made my night. Carly Cox, Brenna Gibson, Logan Heartz, Alyssa Clevenger I love you guys.

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