Friday, October 29


Hard to believe Halloween is tomorrow, isn't it? Doesn't it feel like we were just talking about summer and how much fun we were going to have? Gabbing about pool parties and camp adventures and taking photos outside the summer sunshine? Now it's fall, it's freezing, the leaves are changing colors, and Halloween is in two days (even though trick or treating is, gulp, tomorrow!).

I've always been one of those kids who loved Halloween. There was something so different about it from any other holiday, candy was involved, and it always was just so much fun! Have I ever thrown up because of the excessive amounts of candy I consumed? You bet'cha :)

I'm dressing up as a 60's decade (straying into the hippie department) and am going with a bunch of my friends. I have a feeling it's going to be tons and tons of fun! Hopefully now, no drama occurs which I have a feeling could also happen...

What are you all doing for Halloween? What are you dressing up as?


  1. i think you should post pictures of your costume cuz it sounds awesome! it's funny how you love halloween -- i don't mind it...but the dressing up/costume part is my hangup. i always feel like my ideas are lame and not clever enough!

  2. Haha I did but they looked dumb so I took them down :)


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