Tuesday, October 12

A letter to God.

Dear God,
Please forgive me for being selfish and only thinking of myself. I should be giving and loving and reaching out to people who need me. I should be praying for my friends and people I know who need help..instead my head is filled with mindless garbage that is so accustomed in our culture. I know I should be different...

I'm sorry for not getting my work done. I have responsibility's, yet I choose to browse facebook and text unimportant messages instead. That's the reason I don't do as well as I could in school..the reason I feel so unaccomplished at the end of the day..the reason my room is mess..and the reason I don't go to bed until later then I should.

Forgive me for pushing you out of my life. I need You, I want You. I feel like Your there and we could be the best of friends, but I'm pushing you farther and farther away. Your there, waiting for me (Your very patient and forgiving) and I'm just not giving you anything to work with!

So here's what I propose we do: put it in my heart to remember that Your there and waiting and I'll set some time aside for you. We'll have a little heart to heart. I'll open up your Word. Maybe you could show me something I've been needing to hear. Sounds pretty fantastic, doesn't it? That's what I thought. So let's plan on that. Tonight? -- Jodie.


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