Monday, October 4

That was then.

Set up, were boundaries nobody dared to cross. Boundaries that were once a friendship. Boundaries that I, initially, had made. I suppose, since I was the one who made those uncrossable lines, it was only proper that I be the one to cross break the screaming silence. To do the unthinkable.
     So that's exactly what I did. With shaking knees and chills running threw my veins. My heart racing a mile a minute. Everything that I had challenged, that I had given up in the first place, all came back to me like an unstoppable tittle wave. I was unsure of what to expect, unsure of what was to come..but I was certain of one thing. I had to do this. I was doing this.
     Was it nobel? Was it honorable? I wasn't sure. But I knew that if I didn't accomplish this..if I let go and let the unknown stay exactly the way it was...then I would hate myself forever. I would wonder what would have happened.
      What did happen you ask? I made some new friends who I absolutely adore (and reconnected with some old). I went to a summer camp that had to be the best thing I've ever experienced. I made memories to last a lifetime and snapped picture after picture. I remeniced on everything I had and everything I have now. I'm learned that sometimes, to get what you really want, you have to move. But that there's not always going to be a perfect time to move. Your not always going to have that happy feeling. You've just gotta move..and pray for the best. And if it's God's will? The best will be there.

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