Friday, November 19

Take a look on back.

At sometime in your life - I happen to do this every once and awhile - you're going to get to this point. Maybe you don't like this point or maybe you wish you were a little higher or a little lower down the hill. Regretful maybe? Can't move on with your past? Or maybe, just maybe, your completely and absolutely content. Whatever this point for you is (and maybe you didn't even realize you were at this point), your going to be there and think back over everything you've ever accomplished or failed at, and think to yourself this: my, my how far I've come!

Because let's face it. We've all been threw things that have made us who we are today. One decision you didn't think much about or made on an impulse, could change your whole entire life. I know this for a fact. From experience. I may be only fifteen, but in those fifteen years a lot has happened...and it gets me every time. It blows my mind how crazy life is. How many hills we climb and trails we trek. I adore the feeling of good change.

I know there's a plan already laid out for me. A novel only written part of the way...
Doesn't that just excite you?
It does me!

I get out those old diarys...remember those good times...and feel some sad, some happy, and some everything else. Maybe it's just my personality, or maybe it's something everybody does from time to time...but I'm so thankfull I always have Somebody holding my hand...I think I'd be a mess otherwise :)

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