Friday, January 14

a letter to my love.

There are times, like today for example, when I think to myself how lucky I'd be if I was ever wrapped up in your arms. Content, warm, and safe. Like nothing in the world could hurt me and if it ever tried, you'd be there to protect me. Enough of the fantasy's, enough of the mindless daydreams, enough of the thinking about you with glossy eyes and a heart full of hope. A heart that yearns to be loved. Enough of all that. On to reality. I wish reality was a little more like a fairy tale. A little bit more romantic. You, holding my hand, and never letting go until the ends of the earth crumble and shake. And even then, we'll stick together.

Countless times I've grown inpatient and liked somebody else. Countless times I've thought someone else was you. Don't you know that I love you and would hands down trade my nights in a mystic ecstasy, for a chance at discovering true love? A love that would break barriers. But I don't know you yet. We're soul mates, but I have no clue the first letter of your name. I don't know if your hair is brown or blond. I don't know what your favorite ice cream is. I don't know what kind of car you drive, or even if you have a car at all.

But I do know this. This one, small thing: we are meant to be together. God made us as the perfect two. It doesn't matter how many girlfriends you'll have or how many guys I'll cry over...none of them will ever compare to what we'll have together. We're just two half's, trying to find the missing puzzle piece.

I know deep down that you're the one for me. That I should wait for you instead of trying to settle for some temporary fling that will end before the first buds of spring appear. I get tempted, I get distracted, I get weak. Baby, they have blue eyes like the ocean. They have brown eyes like chocolate. Baby they can sing and act and play guitar...But why should I care? It won't last anyway. Because somewhere, someplace is their other half. And it's not me.

So know that I'm here. Know that I'm waiting. Know that someday we'll meet and everything will make sense. This was why it never worked out with anyone else. This is why I tried my very best to guard my heart. This is why the road was so broken...

I pray for you, Love. Come soon. Forever your girl, Jodie.


  1. Awww this is so adorable. I'm a hopeless romantic like you too, when it comes to love! Now where's my prince charming?


  2. This is beautiful writing xx

  3. You are so Poetic. It's inspiring. These are the words that God has been trying to pound into my brain for months. and I've just been ignoring him. But now, reading this blog post over and over, I know what God wants for me. I never thought I would hear God speak to me over the internet, but here it is. Jodie, God is shining through you. I know other people can see it too. I just want to thank you for posting this. :) Please continue to be a wonderful girl. Keep praying always. I'm praying for you.

  4. Hmm... We must share a brain or something. All of this I have felt/am feeling just like you. I always remind myself "one day." it will happen and he will be in my life & I will know it. You put this so eloquently. It was wonderful. :)

  5. You know, when I'm feeling low I come to this page (bookmarked!) and read this. Your writing truly is beautiful, Jodie! And it's so touching. I'm here nodding my head at every word, every sentence.

    Until the day The Boy comes along... we can keep on daydreaming :)



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