Monday, January 3

She thought she needed him to be perfection.

love is an ocean wide,
we swim in the tears we cry.
they'll see us through to the other side,
we're gonna make it.

when love is a raging sea,
you can hold on to me.
we'll fly away tonight.
if love is an ocean wide ♥

He's out there, he's waiting, and he loves you.
Not the you who dyed her hair to impress a boy.
Not the you who throws up so she feels "beautiful".
Not the you who sneaks out of the house and smokes cigarettes when nobodies looking; or who cheats on her tests and talks trash because she thinks it'll make her look cool. Tough. Acceptable.
Truth is,
he'll fall in love with the girl who snorts when she laughs.
Who still watches Full House reruns.
Who has never been kissed.
Who's best friend, just so happens to be Jesus.
Who's not afraid of doing something, just because it doesn't meet the world's standards.
News flash:
you'll never be happy living for the world.
so live for God, mmkay?
He made ya.
He loves ya.
and He's got your studly man-beast all picked out! :)

and as a sort of a ps here, I've deleting all my "mr. gorgeous" posts. i've decided i don't want to use names (could get VERY bad if someone i knew found this here blog...." so i'm just going to not say names. but if you've followed my blog for awhile, then you'll know his lovely, enduring name!


  1. awww I've missed you too! I need to get back into the blogosphere, I've missed reading your cute posts (another success, by the way. I LOVE this!).

  2. Talk about inspirational! I love this post. :)

  3. Lovely!
    Just found your blog thru Boho Market and i love it. And since you like boho…i think you may like my blog too.. please stop by and let me know what you think.
    Became a follower, would appreciate if you could follow me too !

    Peace & Love

  4. Thank you for following! I will for sure check out your blog as well :)

  5. This is really amazing. I'm glad you've decided to live your life 100% for God. (If this is about you.) Because as obvious as it is, sometimes we forget that he'll always love you. And he's got a whole life planned for you. This post is extremely inspiring and correct! :)

  6. awww thank you so much, Mags! That comment made my day :)

  7. I really like the honesty here. Full House reruns...:)The picture is great too!


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