Monday, March 7

I was enchanted to meet you.

Hmmm..blogger is not letting me comment on any blogs. This upsets me very much since there have been times I've wanted to comment so badly! I even tried it on a different computer with no such luck.
Anyone know how to solve this problem?

There's this boy who makes me melt. He says the sweetest things. He's kind to everyone. He's handsome.

I'm so excited for spring! Let the people wear flip flops! Let the people be cheerful! Let the people order ice cream!

I had to write a short story for my writing class. Thinking about posting is. Yes or no?

Inspired by: songs that are filled with more than three syllable words.

Loving: Olivia's blog, Ryan Reynolds (we share the same birthday!), hostess cupcakes, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup (I'm in the shade Classic Ivory), small group, movies (I watched three I'd never seen before last weekend), and American Idol!

Reading: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Daydreaming about: witty conversations, cute picnic dates, and gazing at the stars with him :)

And another thing, blogger is just being weird all around. I couldn't publish this entree I wanted to, it won't let me use different colors and italic the way that I'd choose (so I say forget it), and it's just screwing up! Am I the only one who's dealing with this sort of thing on Blogger?


  1. GAHHHHHH! HUNGER GAMES! Oh my goodness gracious. Do you love it??? Please tell me you do! That's like my all time favorite book. Ok, not really, but I really really love it. I can't wait to hear what you think about it!

    Post the story! I'd love to read it.

    I want to hear more about this boy ;)

  2. Post the story!! I really would love to read it!

    And, oh Hunger Games! How are you liking it?!?

  3. PLEASE post the story :)

  4. Jodie! Do you remember me? It's been a long time. But it's hannah. I got a new blog. Just so you know. And I LOVE yours!
    you should post your story!
    And I'm reading the hunger games too! I love it to death!!!

  5. Hmm, that's really weird. Blogger sometimes don't show updates from some blogs I'm subscribed to. That gets me real mad :P

    PS: Oh, there's nothing that makes me happier than daydreaming about a boy all day every day! :P

    PPS: Pleaseeee post the story ;)



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