Wednesday, May 18

I'm just free falling.

If we ignore the fact that my eyes are almost none-existant in this picture and that my nose is largely taking over, it's pretty cute! That's my friend Kovey on the right and inbetween us is two elephant ears. We were working there to raise money for camp (even though I may not be going).  After a couple hours on the job, some boys from our church (including the beloved Mr. Gorgeous -- remember him?) came to work. Turns out our Youth Pastor scheduled both our groups for a full hour at the same time. Thank you, thank you!
Besides selling elephant ears and getting sugar in my hair, I've also been hanging out with friends, antique shopping with my family, gazing at bunches of pictures on Tumblr, trying to finish up my Algebra, and living my life. God has blessed with in abundance with so much and I'm sooo thankful!

I'm thankful for cute boys and lovely friends and the summer to come.
I am so excited!


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