Thursday, September 22

it's beginning to feel a lot like autumn.

this week has been crazy busy, filled with crazy things, and crazy ideas. i've worked quite a bit this week at the store, thus pocketing some much-welcomed cash and being able to devote hours to school, reading, and helping the customers buy plastic gooses and barns. at the grocery store, my mom bought funfetti cake mix and Pillsbury frosting. i'm planning on making cupcakes soon! yum yum yum. my birthday is right around the corner (sixteen, people) and i'm planning on having some friends over for a fire and sleepover. just a fire for any friends of the male gender. youth group. bible study. homecoming game is tomorrow. first day of driver's ed started sunday. shopping monday. busy. busy. busy. and in the midst of all this, i might go to public school next year. do you guys think that's a good thing or a bad thing? 
                                                                         Where did summer go? 

(1) me, my mom, and my brother on my webcam. (2) me and my friend karsten at a festival/parade. (3) me and my cousin katelyn!

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  1. yay for birthdays soon!

    your mom is gorgeous. she looks just like you!


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