Sunday, October 30

Oh, this weekend.

The busyness of this weekend + the restfulness of this night + my feeling of accomplishment = a perfect way to end my Sunday. The excitement for tomorrow, my new banner, and talking to David today makes it better too. :) On a side-note, has anyone tried McDonald's new Peppermint Mocha's? Yumm. Very yum. Also, I'm sorry this post is sort of all over the place. Unless you like that. Then you're welcome!

For Halloween I'm being a band geek (not that I have hatred towards band members. Some people I know and like are in band). It's sort of like a cute nerd costume with a little twist. Pictures anyone? David's uni-cycling for trunk-and-treat. Oh, David.

Three more classes of driver's ed and two more drives with an instructor.

Got up around six-thirty today, finished my World History and Biology notes yesterday, organized my Driver's Ed folder, and got all my costume things together. Maybe I really am a nerd...So unlike me to be so efficient.

I made a leaf angel.

Discussed 500 Days of Summer with David and Karsten and Kovenant.

Ate a bunch of not-so-good food [a downfall].

Got locked out of Karsten and Kovenant's house at night, talked in the cold dark on a trampoline, & started to make a list with Brenna on how to woo you-know-who.

It was a good weekend.

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