Tuesday, December 13


So, you may know or not-know, next year I may be going into public school. As a Sophomore this year, I've been home schooled my entire life. It's not like I've never been around public school kids (most of my good friends are) and it's not like I've never been to a schooled-event (football games, plays, swim meets, etc..) but I've never actually gone to school. Years ago, when I was a tiny tot, my mom felt led to home school me and then my little brother, Jaxon. My mom didn't like the fact that God was taken out of public schools and how the text books taught the exact opposite. Also the factor that I'd be with a bunch of kids for eight or so hours a day who, let's face it, don't always have the best habbits (you know-the pot smokers, the hoes, the language).

However lately I've been feeling left out. I want to do plays and be on year book and feel apart of the school when I go to games and events. I don't get to see my friends every single day and, to be honest, I've always kind of wanted a locker and a backpack...

Nothing's set-in-stone, but if I were to go to high school and wear the Zebra's black-and-white, I'd have to take a lot of tests considering I'd be entering into my Junior year of high school. Another option would for me to continue being home schooled and then take some college-level courses. I know some kids at the high school take them and it'd be a good way to be in a class room with at least some kids my age, while still not having to actually attend school. Maybe I could even take some courses this year.

I'm not sure what God wants, I'm not sure what I want. I don't want to feel like I missed out on a bunch, though. What do you guys think? Have any of you gone from home schooling to public school or from public school to home schooling? I'd love all your feedback!


  1. I hope you get a chance at public school, it's so much fun! :)

  2. well...
    public high school is quite a doozie, let me tell you. the people (at least at my school) are rude and could care less about anyone... but maybe that's just my school. i have a pretty awesome group of friends and three cool cats from my youth group, but that's about it. but His light needs to be shown in public schools, and think you'd be the perfect candidate.
    just my thoughts on public school. hope it helps.

  3. Public school was a major culture shock for me. I was in a private school fr 8 years then switched to a public school. Let me tell you and be HONEST that it is a very dark place. You will hear things you don't want to hear and see things you don't want to see. However, THEY NEED YOU. God needs to be brought to public schools. It'll totally take you out of your comfort zone, but it has the potential to bless you immensely if you allow it to. Just PRAY and ask the lord to show you a clear answer.

  4. I was practically raised in public school - and I do mean raised. My parents both work in the public school system, so besides going to school myself, I spent a lot of time in their classrooms. I think it's a good place. I know there's a lot that goes on that's not what we would choose to deal with every day, but I think that coming up against that is a great test of faith. I wouldn't have the faith I do if I hadn't gone to public school. Also, there are some phenomenal teachers hidden in public school, and I think it's to everyone's benefit to have the opportunity to sit under them. But perhaps the biggest reason I think you should seriously consider public school is because if you don't, you may not hear viewpoints that disagree with yours as readily as you would if you go. And it is absolutely important, both as Christians and critical thinkers, that we encounter viewpoints that are different than ours, so that we are able to intelligently consider and argue against them. It's hard to stand up for what you believe in in public school, both socially and academically, but I believe the experience is so worth it. If you have any questions about it, please let me know! anniesmusings{at}gmail{dot}com


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