Sunday, July 15

new beginnings?

all last week was church camp. i love church camp.
in three weeks, i hopefully start school. as in actual school. as in for the first time ever.
in a little over three months, i'll be 17 (*cough* when in the world did that happen?).
i signed up to be in the church play.
i want to manage cross country this fall. and maybe join the dance team. and try out for the school play?
tonight i'm going to begin the gospel of Matthew.
i want to get back into writing again. which includes sprucing up this blog a bit (it needs some sprucing, does it not?).
i need to get a job.
i need to get my license.
i need to grow closer to God.
anyone care to come along on this journey?

1 comment:

  1. going to public school! you're going to have a great time, good luck! (: + i get ya. i need to get closer to God real quick.


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