Tuesday, December 11

my christmas to-do list.

it's almost unfair how you only get to celebrate Christmas once a year. all the warm beverages and peppermint, the Christmas movies, the lights, the music, the cheer. this year, despite the feeling of utter misery i feel about the holidays, i'm going to suck it up and dive in to the festivities.. soaking up every once of what it has to offer. after all, Christmas is just around the corner.

(1. buy something peppermint from starbucks.
(2. watch "how the grinch stole Christmas".
(3. read at least two books over break. 
(4. go caroling.
(5. go sledding.
(6. kiss in some spontaneous, romantic fashion in which i'll dream about forever & be sure to update my blog filling you guys in on every, minuscule detail..*
(7. make christmas cookies.
(8. do something special for someone in need.
(8. party on new years.

*so, perhaps i can't actually make this happen and whether or not it actually gets completed.. well, time will tell. but i think that falling in love at christmas time would quite possibility be magical. and i would love for someone to help me check off all these things, one by one. and cuddle. cuddle a lot. 

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  1. i love this list. :) number six is on my goals list too, although it probably wont happen. /:


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