Tuesday, July 20


I had made two goals for myself for my freshman year. I had the rest of the summer and the whole entire school year to accomplish these two things. It was sort of like a new years resolution, but different and much more fun. One of the goals was to learn to play the guitar. My friend Carly owns two accoustics and an electric and the other day when I was over at her house she was trying to teach me some chords...yeah, harder then it may appear. I wish I could just pick up a guitar and play..but I'm going to need to practis. And practis I will! My other goal was to talk to Mr. Gorgious. Well, that goal (much to my amusment) has already been acomplished so just check it off the list! Yay! I was at camp the previous week and oh my gosh was it incredable. The worship will never compare to any service ever again, the people were really great, and I talked to Mr. Gorgious! I'm extatic for next year! (: Anyways, there are some other things I'd like to do during my freshman year. I'd like to throw a party of some sort, get all A's and B's, Read a Harry Potter book, and there were others... But I'm starting high school people, and I don't want to have any regrets. I want to have a blast! This is the time of our lives... so live them for Jesus!


  1. Good luck on learning to play the guitar! Wouldn't it be amazing if one could just pick up any instrument and start playing? ;)

  2. haha yeah it would be really great!


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