Wednesday, July 21

Wednesday's Photography

One of my favorite things I've recently discoverd is finding new artists on youtube. Ones that aren't extreemly popular or anything, ones that have a cool sound. Two of my favorite's are He IsWe and Cady Groves, which you'll probably find out after listening to my music(: I love just plain old guitar with some beautiful voices and lyrics with meaning. You just can't beat it! I think that's one of the great things about youtube, it gives artists lots of publicity.

Thought that picture kind of went with the theme of music. I've been finding tons of cool pics lately (as you can see: they're like exploding all over my page) all from this one website. So, I'm going to post some more because (1. I love them, and (2. I'm not going to post any more on my page! haha. So, let's start a thing here. Wednesday's Photography. Eh? Leave a comment if you've got something better haha

Hope you enjoyed them! I have recently discoverd that I L-O-V-E photography! So, there's going to be more where that came from!(: Oh! and ps. I have another follower so thank you so so much(:


  1. I also love love to watch videos on youtube with people singing. theres a lot of talent hiding there!! your blog is lovely and you are a very cute girl :)


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