Wednesday, August 11

If you really knew me, you'd know that.....

- I'm actually not shy at all, only when I don't know you very well or I'm embarassed you'll think I'm uncool and weird. Once you become my friend, I won't shut up...promise :)
- I am a caffein addict. No lie, if I don't get my daily fix (diet coke, tea, etc) then my eyes will start to pound and I become one unhappy camper.
- I'm not very confident. I'm always nervous that I look weird. Sometimes I'll want to say something, but then not because I'm scared I'll look stupid.
- Mr. Gorgeous is Jonah Brooks :) ...did I just post that online? oh, well.
- I love to write: I keep a journal, I blog, I write poetry and fiction :)
- I'm a hopeless romantic :)
- I've only balled during one movie my entire life...and that would be Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio!!
- I'm different when I'm by myself then when I'm in public.


  1. thank you so much for participating! :) don't forget to link it to my blog!! :)


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