Sunday, September 12

Brand-new Sunday Segment

All right guys, so this is a new segment I'm going to be doing on Sundays that will give little tidbits of my weekend...I'd love to do the linky thing, but I haven't quite figured it out just yet :)

(1. Sleepover: My friend Micalea spent the night on Friday. We played the most amazing card game ever The Husband Game; took our friend Alyssa's tandem bike and rode around the neighborhood in the dark; met our friend Kass at Dairy Queen for dinner; saw the first ten minutes of Inseption and then left the theater; and walked around our small town!

(2. Taylor Swift: I listened to Crazier and have come to realize that it may just be one of the most romantic and make-you-wanna-cry songs out there. I am seriously hooked now and I feel like driving down an old, barren rode in a truck with a cute farm boy and cranking up country music :)

(3. Rock Fest: It's an event our town has where Christian rock bands come and have an all day event. It was really fun and one of the bands, After Edmund, played their own acoustic show for the people who'd rather listen to them then the next band that was up. They talked with us and took crazy pictures. Me and my friends loved them :)

(4. Heath Ledger: I was watching Ten Things I Hate About You on t.v and was completely mezmorized by the leading and oh so handsome man. I couldn't find him in the credits, so I did some googling and saw that it was none other then Heath Ledger....Which made me really sad since Heath isn't alive anymore...

(5. A realization: So, I've come to realize that I have the best times when Jonah's not even there. Like last Friday's football game, I was hoping he'd show up, but he never did. I was disipointed, but had the time of my life. And last night I was looking for him at Rock Fest, but I never found him..and it was thee greatest night!
---SIDE NOTE: I'd really like to put a picture up here, but I think that'd be kind of freaky and stalkerish don't you think? But, in all honesty, he looks like the two fellows down below :)
Bon Jovi (without all that hair, of course)

Heath Ledger (I go for these types of guys, I sopose)


  1. Oh my. Heath Ledger. He gets me every time. I still get teary eyed thinking about him....

    But wow. I think I need to see this cross between Bon Jovi and Heath Ledger in person. ;) Or at least a real picture... hehe.

  2. I know, I really should put one up, but I'm not sure...


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