Saturday, September 11

Friendship is....

Friendship: what really makes a friend? I happen to believe that you can have many different kinds of friends and that just because your relationship isn't the same with every person, doesn't mean that something is wrong. Friendship can mean taking picture after picture then going threw them and deleting the ones we don't approve of ;) Sitting on blankets and watching the fireworks and talking. Going to Starbucks and getting muffins. Texting eachother stuff you can't say out loud. Friendship is playing The Husband Game at night and cracking up because whenever you talk about guys, somebody's always laughing. Stealing your mutual friends tadem bike and riding around the neighborhood in the dark. Telling them your over him and they don't believe you. Meeting a guy at Dairy Queen, seeing him sitting there eating a blizzard, and freaking out a little because the situation suddenly became awkward.
Friendship is when your not even considerd friends, but you know that she will always be your BEST friend. It's seeing that person and remembering a thousand memories you wonder if they ever think about. It's making a scrapbook compiled of random words, quotes, and pictures. Friendship is crying in the waiting room your laughing so hard. It's asking them to wait outside the church building because your scared to walk in alone. Having plans on how to get that certain young man to fall in love with you :)
Friendship can be a person you've known your whole life, or someone you haven't even known them a year. The simple act of saying hi or snapping a picture together can change everything. It doesn't matter if your related or not, doesn't matter the age difference, doesn't matter if your the same gender, doesn't matter if your the same race, or if nobody else understands why your friends. Your ARE friends.
There is nothing better then being with your friends :)

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