Sunday, September 5

My Labor Day Weekend.

My weekend has been filled with fun. Friday I went to the high school's football game and had one heck of a time laughing and meeting new people and taking pictures, all while our team won like fifty-something to zero; Saturday me and my cousin Katelyn peraded around a local festival. We broke the Merry-go-round and I was crying, laughing, choking, restricted, and sofocating all at the same time when we rode the tilt-a-whirl for the second ride; later on saturday me and my friend Micalea hung out and walked around our neighborhood spying on boys and the like. We watched Napolian Dynamite because everybody should watch that movie every now and then; today was my first day of work and I have to say it wasn't that bad! I work at a little craft store that sells handmade stuff and antiques and other stuff like that. Very lovely; then tonight me and Brenna went and saw some fireworks with her sister Michela and her friend Zoe and it was really, really fun. I'm exhausted; tomorrow, Labor Day, I plan on chilling. I need to finish some assinments and some homework so I'm relieved I have an extra day to do just that. I think me and my mom are going to watch The Secret Life Of Bees :) So, I hope you guys have had and continue to have a lovely, fun, and all-around fantastic labor-day weekend!! Stay awesome~Jodie.

Me and Brenna :)

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