Friday, September 3

My name is Jodie.

I have made a descision: I am going to stay young as long as I can and go to football games every friday night; I'll always talk way louder then considerd appropriate and take pictures with my friends; I will never stop talking to random people on the street or posting my status on facebook; I'll send texts even though I'd rather talk on the phone and laugh at jokes that wern't even that funny; I will always complain about homework, but wonder what I'd do without school; I'll dream about the future that will one day be a reality; I'll continue to sing loud on walks after dark; I will learn that the best times can be when he's not even there; I'll come home from a long day and pull out my Bible; my family will always be my friends; fall will continue to be the best season of all time; I'll have my fair share of late nights, but also early mornings; and I will never change who I am. Because who I am is Jodie Eileen and I love that. Don't be too shocked if I suprise you from time to time :)

         Two cute pictures that were taken tonight at the game:

Aubry, me, and Maddie.

Carly and me.

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  1. Hi,,,
    Thanks for your sweet comment.
    It means a lot to me. Thanks.

    Nice post. Keep up the spirits!


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