Thursday, September 2

A few AFTER noon (same basic concept, different time frame)

(1. my wonderful blog: Well, I changed up the old blog a bit :) Made some improvments (in my opinion) and just tweeked it so it's a little more modern and up to date. I happen to think it's quite lovely and simple...cute, yet not overly girly. It's pretty and I'm happy with it. You might argue it's a bit plain, but I kinda of like the bareness of it all. Plus, I've got some widgets to make up for the lack of background.

(2. football games: I personaly love football games and am excited for tomorrow night. It'll be my third Friday at the high school, sitting in the stands, and just being a kid. Good times :)

(3. Lucy's blog party: So, I'm pretty pumped for Lucy's blog party tomorrow...excited to hear the winners of the blog awards, looking foward to the give-away (there is a give-away, right? Maybe not.) and just the general idea is very cool!

(4. Jonah Brooks: He is studdly, he is buff, and I can't say his name enough! I ment that to rhymn by the way :)


  1. there is most definitely a giveaway! :)

    and i'm very excited to say that i can FINALLY relate to your whole boy obsessiveness. high school has opened my eeeyyyesss!! :):)

  2. hahaha :):) that's awesome! I'm going to be expecting at least one over-dramatic, hopeless romantic post now ;)


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