Wednesday, September 1

Wenesday's Photography

Time for Wednesday's photography already? Good grief. It's also September 1st and my first day back in school. These pictures are going to be slightly different from all my other previous ones..they're pictures I took myself (and yes edited on picnik) (oh, one's actually taken by my friend Brenna Gibson). Hope you guys enjoyyy :) DISCLAIMER: I'm not a good photographer. I don't think I am and I'm not pretending I am. Just putting that out there.

(the one Brenna took up above)

What do you guys think of my personal photos? Do you like the ones I find on the internet better? I think that useing my own photos (or ones by my friends and family) makes them more special, in deapth, and personal. I'm not sure I'm going to use my own every week, but it's a deffinite possibility!

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