Tuesday, September 14

Oh, Tuesday how you are so hectic.

Well, I would like to post something terrific, but I'm affraid that is just not going to happen tonight, dearies. Today I have been so, SO bussy I didn't even have time to walk with my friend Micalea. I had school for most of the day which is no easy task, of course. I played tennise with my brother and my momma today at the park down from our house. I had to work for a couple hours (which is stressfull because I'm so dang nervous). Then I came home and had a little time on the computer. Then I went to our neighbor's Party Light party which also included dinner. Then I had some homework because I didn't get everything finished, plus I have two tests tomorrow which required some studying. I am now done with everything, and it's 11:10. I didn't even read my Bible, which I really should because like people will tell ya, you need to be spiritually fed. Sigh...well, I'm going to check my Formspring and email and then watch some old episodes of My Three Dads and eventually have a little chat with the Man upstairs and brush my teeth. Sorry for the lame post!

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