Wednesday, September 15

Wednesday's Photography (ode to summer!!)

You know that feeling you get when you think about summer? The airiness of it all that makes you think of warm days with a cool wind; that makes you think of lake houses and clean, tile floors; of watermelon and lemonade; of childhood memories in a blow up pool or bonfires with your friends; summer camp and denim shorts; of the the beach and flip flops and tote bags.

Well, even though school just started and we're surrounded with books and pencils and are staying up late, not to watch reruns of The Suite Life On Deck, but to studdy for your history and spelling test the next morning...even despite all that, I'd like to do an ode to summer. Because it'll be here again sooner then you think :)


  1. this made me really really really happy :) because you're right - summer will be back before you know it - (i just already miss summer so much!)

  2. I miss summer so much too...I thought I was ready for fall, but now I'm kind of wishing for a little more summer :)

  3. I miss summer!!!!!!! this completely echos my summer, also!! great collection of photos x


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