Friday, November 12

What if....

What if I made my blog something you absolutely adored?
Something filled with entrees that were more then just typing up my plans for the weekend?
Everything was beautiful from the layout and header to the words that filled the page?
Something you looked forward to reading while drinking a cup of a tea and criss-crossing your legs?
Something that filled you up with hope and inspired well as something that made you laugh?
Colorful with the words of my heart, my personality shining threw.
Where it was more then Wednesday Photography.
Where it was more then my obsession with young men.
Where it was more then sloppily putting together entrees, just for the sake of posting something.
Then, my dear readers, maybe my blog would become successful.
You'd take a little extra time to read my thoughts.
My blog would be more than just an online diary, it'd be a place you'd like to come to.
It wouldn't just be a teeny-bopper blog for the young and un-sophisticated.
That would just be something.
Hopefully a something that will happen very soon.


  1. I adore your blog :) It entertains me when I really need it. Plus, I see a lot of myself in you.

  2. Well, thank you :) I'm happy you feel that way!


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