Monday, December 13

New Year.

It's that time again where everybody has a little hope to be different for the new year. They make lists of what they want to change or what they want to accomplish. Weight-loss commercials light up your television screen. The magical, winter wonderland you fell in love with is now just a bunch of cold, white misery. You can't wait to be out for the summer. January 2 you fail your resolution. All the high hopes turn into "oh, who am I kidding?" Stop.

I could think of tons of things I'd like to change or do. I'd like to be that girl everybody calls when they have a problem. The one that always gets invited to the party's. The one that has a long, long list of numbers in her cell. The one that gets good grades and is effortlessly gorgeous. An easy person to talk to.

But all those things aren't going to happen over-night.

So instead of the things I want to change-overnight, I'm making a list of the things I want to work on and be.

I want to know that I am beautiful.
I want faith that will move mountains.
I want to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.
I want to help people out.
I want to be a better friend.
I want to love everyone.
I want to deserve the tittle of Christian!
I want Jesus as my best friend.

And ps.
I'm starting now.

What about you?
What are you doing for the new year?

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