Thursday, December 30

a little something.

Quick post:
-I'm a fail and totally spaced Wednesday's Photography. In all my rage and heartbreak I must have had bigger, more handsome things on my mind... ;) It's actually still pretty surreal that he's dating Lindsey. But I think I'll be okay. This is not, thankfully, the end of the world.
-I have thirty followers! A good, solid, even number. However, feel free and bump it up to an un-even number if you'd like ;)
-I'm eating bread sticks, chicken, and drinking diet 7-up. yummm.
-I'm slacking instead of typing up a new year post like everybody else. I honestly should do that since I'll be busy tomorrow, but I'm kinda lazy...and saddened by the fact that tomorrow is New Years Eve and I'm going to a college basketball game. Poo.

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