Tuesday, December 21

Wednesday's Photography (We Are Young).

Since I probably won't be able to create a Wednesday's Photography post (so much going on!), I've decided I'll just do one today. That, and it's my excuse for cheating on inspiration because I can't think of anything to say. My creative juice is empty at the moment and nothing sounds quite right. Sad, actually because I'm fairly content with my blog layout and everything and that NEVER happens. You know as well as I do that I'm constantly changing it up!

But, anyways, onto the photos.
Today's theme is We Are Young.
Since you are young, you can.....

Doodle on your extra large Starbucks cup.. (and then pose with your lovely work of art while wearing sunglasses and a floppy hat for a picture that will end up on some teen girl's attempt at a blog).

Wear Sponge bob tee shirts and actually, half-way pull them off without looking immature.

Order an extra scoop of ice cream (what flavor, is up to you). 

Obsess over British boys (like Mason on Wizards of Waverly Place) with the slightest hope that you may actually find one to marry.

Shop at American Eagle (I personally think when your past a certain age, it's totally wrong to wear their clothing).

Draw random song lyrics, doodles, and/or other lovely things on your hand for all to see.

Ride carnival rides until you throw up (which, isn't very wise, but that's another part about being young...).




  1. British boys are one of my obsessions. I swear I'm going to marry one someday. Either that, or an Irish boy.

  2. Speaking of British boys, I just found out that I'm related to George Harrison from the Beatles. How awesome is that?

  3. British boys...enough said! ;)

  4. That is REALLY cool, Katie!
    and haha yes ma'am:)

  5. Haha, funny thing i feel the same way about American Eagle. I'm pretty sure the cut-off age is at 30.

    I love your blog after just stumbling on it yesterday; love reading it!

  6. yes! someone who agrees:)
    and thankyou so much that comment made my day!


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