Sunday, March 20

Happy Spring!

Today is the very first day of spring. We are now freely aloud to wear bright colors and floppy hats and gladiator sandals. We may re-organize our closets and sweep our floors for a fresh start. We can fall in love with handsome boys. We are going to take our books outside and let the wind rush through our hair as we finish up homework or dive into a novel.

Where fresh flowers abound and cupcakes are ten times as cheerful. Everyone breaks our their citrus and coconut scents. The countdown until summer vacation begins. Bike rides and picnics and camp outs become more of a possibility. Hope is shining in every one's faces, sunshine brings out the good.

Things just seem a bit happier when it turns spring. The routine of everyday life improves just a bit (even if you'd like to shove school waaaaaay to the side). It's a vast improvement from the frigid days of winter. Thick scarves and boots and heavy scarves are moved to the back of the closet.

It makes me happy when we leave the front door open while I play piano. When I can go to youth group wearing flip flops. Where I'm not confined to my house and there's freedom from the world's opinion of you and promise in the air. Like anything could happen. Wonderful, fantastic, glorious things could happen. They will happen.'s

So, what about you? What are your fantastic hopes and dreams for this spring? It starts today you know. Are you anticipating a lovely, grand time? I am. But you know what? You have to take a leap of faith. Things don't always show up on a silver platter. You have to run, arms outstretched and the sun beating down on your face, to the place you're meant to be. To the place God wants you to be.


  1. :DDD I can't get over how adorable your blog is! :) Keep it up and don't ever stop.

    Much Love,
    Bleah Briann @

  2. lovely post!
    that puppy has to be the cutest little thing ever! ♥

  3. love: this post.

    that bike photo.

    and you.

  4. wonderful post! The puppy is SO adorable!!
    I'm following your blog, by the way :)


  5. all of these pictures are absoulutly lovely! nice post! =)


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