Friday, March 18

Monday's Photography (celebrating that spring air and glow).

The weather outside was insanely gorgeous yesterday. Balmy and tropical and windy to boot. It was the kind of weather that brought everybody outside (and by everybody, that includes cute blond boys...).

Anyways, to celebrate the hopeful arrival of spring, here are some lovely photographs that make me happy and smile just like this weather! Oh, and yes I know today isn't Monday...Enjoy :)


  1. That Hello Kitty cake is so cute. And those pancakes look absolutely delicious.

  2. ahhh, cute blonde boys.

    there's one in my drawing class. sometimes I watch him watch me. it wouldn't be weird except there's him, a college student, and there's me, not quite sixteen, but he doesn't know that.

    have a lovely weekend dear! we've missed you around here.


  3. Well thanks for making MY day, Jodie! Now I have a full on pancake and cookie craving and no butter in the fridge. But just looking at these pics make me so happy and warm inside. It's not quite spring yet here in Montreal (we'll have more snow this week), but it's always nice to know spring WILL come soon. :P



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