Monday, March 28

You asked me to come to your show.

By the tittle, you may have assumed that I was just being symbolic and over dramatic. No boy would actually ever ask me to come to their show. That's just a preposterous thing to condor up. Almost too cruel for daydreams, being so far fetched and fictional.

But friends, loved ones, kindred spirits...a boy - thee boy - told me to come see the band he's touring with. Which would imply he wanted me to come. Which would mean he doesn't find me repulsing.

I like that he doesn't find me repulsing.

Now, obviously, I'm not going to get it into my head that he likes me or anything like that. That's just weird and childish and completely out of line and unncessary. But, what I do gather, is that he doesn't mind me as a person. I've made him smile, he's made me smile. He know's I exist, I know he exists. It's a purely simple and non-commital aqaintance relationship as of right now.

Which is fine for right now.

It's fine because I'm determined to give my heart to one person and one person only.

But as of the present, it's fun to dream and think about if I should go to this concert or not. Think about him and his dark hair and kind eyes and smile. His talent and humor and willingness to do the right thing. I think it'd be a blessing just to be his friend.

Perhaps eventually we'll have picnic dates and ice cream by the lake and star gazing adventures. Maybe someday we'll write a song together and hold hands and laugh so hard neither of us looks very attractive. Tell eachother deep, personal things we don't tell many people. See multiple sides and know what the other person is feeling without words.


Anybody else have a boy like that? :)


  1. this is so cute. :)

    I, at the moment, don't have a boy like that. Maybe at some's complicated. Why do all the boys I might possibly be attracted to live on the other side of the world?

  2. yep, ive got one like that =)
    and thats way too cute =))

  3. Aww, this is really cute. and yep, I've got a boy like that. :)


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