Sunday, April 3

Smile like it's 1965.

Okay, so these pictures aren't exactly from 1965. But they have this vintage flare to them that reminds me of a time when facebook wasn't a hobby. When girls wore flowers in their hair and braids down their backs. I'm not saying I want a time machine, but wouldn't it be neat to bring a little bit of 1965 to the present day?


  1. The one with the bow in the hair is my fave. :)

  2. Love that first one :)

    Not even kidding, my friend started crying the other day because she wanted to be living in the 20's and technology was taking over her life.

    Simpler times seem quite lovely :)

  3. hey dearie! I'm back on you still have one? if so, follow me and I'll follow you!

    have a lovely, lovely Tuesday!

  4. the photos are amazingly beautiful, dove. and the last one took my breath away...♥

    thanks for following my blog, darling :) you are the sweetest thing! *hugs*

  5. Love your blog and I admire all the wonderful soft pictures you post. :) Glad I found it!

  6. beautiful photos. so inspiring! <3

  7. Those pictures are gorgeous. I love the sixties feel to them. :) You have such a cute blog!



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