Friday, August 5

to: dress lovely.

This autumn, I want to really create myself a style. For summer, boho and beachy are wonderful go-tos. From bandeau tops, to neon, to scrunched up waves and a glowy tan, this summer I've been loving the California inspired, sun-kissed look. However, it's sort of hard to pull a style like that off for fall and winter when you live in a four season climate. While boho can still be incorporated, I also like to dabble into fashion that screams reader, writer, and lover of coffee flavor. Something you'd find on a girl at the library. A girl-next-door inspiration.

warm sweaters, gorgeous colors, lace, scarves, bags.... too cute. for this autumn, while i'm at drivers ed or play practice or youth group or hanging out with friends or wherever i may be, i want to feel comfortable and cute in the pieces i choose to wear. i want to create a style of my very own and not rely so much on what others might think of me. so, what's your dream style?

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  1. I'm so ready for sweaters and boots and jeans.
    I almost bought three sweaters today at Target, I'm just so excited for fall.

  2. i tend to be very laid-back...loose, flowing things in muted colors that i can mix and match...with a sort of vintage inspiration...simple things, really.

  3. All of those outfits are so gorgeous! My style? I like casual yet cute and I love wearing layers - tees, camis, sweaters... :)

  4. all of these!!


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