Friday, July 29

my coffee shop boy

I'd love to meet a boy at a coffee shop. He's sitting at a table, mug steaming in front of him, a book held in his hands. I accidentally hit the back of his chair and casual, witty small talk starts up. He asks me to sit down with my blended drink and I can't refuse. Something about his dark, messy, clean hair and the way he smiles wins me over. and it keeps winning me over again and again. he shares my love of words and fantasy and talks about how he's going to travel and see Europe one of these days.

Minutes turn into hours as he buys a chocolate cupcake with strawberry icing for us to split. we talk about movies and novels and celebrity's. about ourselves and our lives and our faith. turns out he's a christian too, with a real fire for jesus.

i'd love to meet a boy at a coffee shop.

and maybe there's some boy who's thinking he wants to meet a girl at a coffee shop.

and we'll just happen to have a craving for espresso at the same time.

But the truth of the matter is, i don't have to meet my boy at a coffee shop. i could meet him at a bookstore or the park or the grocery store. it doesn't matter where i meet him, it's the him that i meet. and i really can't wait until i do just that. meet him. and have my fairy tale.


  1. Oh this is so beautiful <3
    Whoever and wherever he is, I hope you'll meet him soon :)

  2. What a sweet post! Is it silly that I'd love to meet a messy-haired boy in a coffee shop as well? :)

  3. I think it would be so special if I were the one reading in a coffee shop. He catches a glimpse of my book, and almost without meaning to say it outloud, announces that it's his favorite book. We get pulled into a conversation about the characters and the story, parting several hours later with phone numbers and a plan to meet later.

    it's be perfect: a relationship that began with books and coffee and shared interests.


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