Sunday, August 21


Our culture today has become, dare I say, obsessed with technology. They google facts and questions for school reports and homework more often then they book it to the library (See what I did there? Clever, I know). They text, email, and use social networking sites to say things they're too afraid to say in person. They get caught up on the latest gossip simply by scrolling through their Facebook homepage (Because you just had to know that Jessica went to Pizza Hut with Tori and Lindsay).

Not to say that I'm completely unplugged. No, I much prefer google to the Library. Yes I'm guilty of taking the easy way out when it came to confrontation. As we speak I have a Facebook tab opened on my laptop because there's something so addicting about pictures and updates and notifications.....

But what happened to the days when a boy had to call the girl's home phone to reach her? When relationships weren't constantly observed through a simple click here and there. When people met each other in person, not online. When you played with your hands, not your phones.

I just miss the simplicity of things. We're replacing books with Kindles; records with Ipods; black and white with HD. I'm thankful for technology, but I'm also a little bit ungrateful. For with all the good, came all the bad. And I need to remind myself that there's nothing wrong with spending some time in the world around the screen. That a day without checking my notifications just may do more good than harm.That spending some time under the shade with my Bible and a notebook could be just what I need.

What do you think about these techno-lovin' days?


  1. hahah...that quote cracked me up!!

  2. Oh my goodness that quote cracked me up...I agree with Mrs. T's comment above! Love it!!! FUN blog!

    Liesl :)

  3. You're right, technology really has taken over our lives.


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