Friday, August 19

another rambling about love.

Do any of you remember my post about meeting a boy at a coffee shop? Perhaps you do and perhaps you don't. Either way, I stumbled upon this blog - (She Breathes Deeply) - and came across the post of how her and her husband met. Guys, they met at a coffee shop. How super sweet! He worked there and she was just a student in need of a caffeinated beverage. click the link below to read their cute love story! [also, click the links above to read my "coffee shop boy" post and to check out "she breathes deeply"'s blog!]
                {a fairy-tale}
You also may remember me saying how it didn't really matter where i met him - and still it doesn't. but i do believe this is proof that fairy tales actually do exist. maybe not always with the flowing gown and armor suit (though i believe it's possible, God has a remarkable sense of humor). but somehow, someway, a cute little story is just waiting to happen! 

maybe you're single and feel incredibly lonely and just want a boyfriend for crying out loud (been there, done that). but just be patient! there's a pretty good chance someone extra lovely is going to come into your life one of these days and sweep you off your feet! the fairy tale may not be perfect, but it will be special, real, and just right. 

So, what about you? do you believe in fairy tales? perfectly imperfect love stories?  


  1. I think that, yes, I believe in fairytales, but they come in so many different forms. I don't want a perfect guy- not even close. I've told my friends over and over that I have issues with perfection. I can't imagine spending the rest of my life with a perfect person. I don't know, that just me.

  2. Of course I believe in perfectly imperfect love stories... isnt that all of ours?


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