Wednesday, August 31

whipped cream, paper airplanes, and soccer balls.

Tonight at youth, me and my friend had planned to whipped cream this boy's car. Now, this boy may or not be very attractive with a mop of curly dark hair and honest, kind eyes. And my friend may or may not have a crush on him... :) But that's besides the point. We walked the couple blocks to the church, a can of whipped cream in tow, and attempted to cover the hood of his little graffiti-ed, green car.

The can wasn't a very good sport and his car looked more like a bird had decided to land his droppings, but we left a note on green paper and weighted it with the whipped cream can. All in all, I say it was a rather great time (lots of laughs and a wonderful memory) and that it was time well spent.

The rest of the night was filled with an inspiring message from our youth pastor (which I may or may not be doing an entire post on - he preached about reaching out to people and said something along the lines of: "people don't always remember what you say, but they always remember how you made them feel.", a game involving raw spaghetti noodles and straws set to Michael Jackson's "Thriller", paper airplanes being flown (and, yes, my attempt at throwing one back wasn't my greatest achievement in life), and boys kicking a soccer ball around like typical boys.

and now, I'm sitting on my bed texting said friend and thinking about boys and my cousin's boy problems and listening to my brother practice on his brand new guitar. Great night? I think so. And how was your wednesday? Ever did something like whip cream a guys car?

Also, looking back, this post talks an awful lot about boys. *sigh* can't live without them, I suppose.

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  1. 0ooooh, fun! Never did anything like that...i'll have to try that sometime, though. :D My Wednesday was epic; after church me and my friend Justin climbed up the fire escape and almost decided to walk on the roof. It was fun... :P


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