Tuesday, September 6

labor day galore

my labor day weekend was, to say the least, one of the best weekends of my life. i practically lived with two of my favorite people in this world (karsten and kovenant ); i got to attempt prank calling with the oh-so-familiar mr. gorgeous (high five if you remember him); i got to crush on a sort of new boy; i got to go to this sort of new boy's house for dinner (his mom made chili) and play the piano and hang out; i got to go to the movies with a group of people which included boys that i never thought i would be sitting with; i got to go to a festival and watch a parade and get footage for an autumn movie and eat pizza in the park; i got to hold an adorable baby, karsten and kovenant's brother kaden; i got to go to a bonfire (though it stormed and the actual bonfire part got canceled); i ran through sprinklers and got rather soaked; i quoted movies; and i laughed. i laughed a whole lot.

and now today was the official first day of school - sophomore year to be exact. and can i just say that i am swamped by school work? between the beginning of history...learning about the different flower families...to reading about Miss Dove a teacher...to capitalization...it's been a tad bit crazy. but in the mist of it all i think i'm developing what could possibly be a beautiful song on my old piano. it's got cat stickers on the side from when my brother was young. just a little love and sugar is all this melody needs.

i'm sitting here in a tee shirt that says, "Isn't rise and shine an oxymoron?" on my bed in my very clean room (me and my mom cleaned it, her doing about 99% of the work). my brother's watching back to the future part 2 in the next room. it's probably later than i should be up and i still need to wash my face and brush my teeth. i just had two hard boiled eggs and a sunny d, in case you really care. which you probably don't. 

eventually, maybe i'll be riding the waves in california. eventually, maybe i'll be moving into a dorm room freshman year of college. eventually, maybe i'll be walking down the aisle in a gorgeous white gown. but that's eventually. and for now, i'll be asleep in a little while dreaming of boys and clothes and other pretty things. tomorrow is youth. i'm fifteen. and life isn't too shabby. 

by the way, if you feel like you saw these photos on my tumblr, it's because you did and i didn't take them myself :) 


  1. sounds like you had a great labor day :) mine was pretty much the best day i've evar had. *grins hugely*

  2. mine wasn't the best. i had school. plus my dad taught us just on labor day. :(

  3. sounds like a great three day weekend!! love all of these photos!!


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